Plant CarePlant care in Florida can be daunting task.  Some plant material used in many SWFL landscapes require professional plant care in order to thrive. Collier Cutters provides professional landscape maintenance services at affordable prices.  We have experienced crews that can therefore diagnose and correct almost any landscape issues.

Plant CareCollier Cutters will take the time to determine what is best for the health of your landscape.  Our crews will hand prune as necessary. They fertilize on a regular schedule.  We have the training and expertise to provide a superior service to all of our customers.  Most of all proper plant maintenance and proper diagnosis of issues are the first step in the beautification of your landscape.

Many factors can “make or break” a stunning landscape.  Whether it is poor plant selection, poor plant placement, poor plant nutrition or a number of different things, we are here to help.  Contact us today to schedule your free evaluation.

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